Let your imagination run free, and there is no limit to what you can picture

What we truly love about organizing a festival, is the way you get to meet and know about new people, brands and concepts, that you have not heard about before. You get to connect with new and inspiring people who bring new perspectives to your life, and who opens up your eyes to knowledge, that you did not have before. Furthermore, what is amazing about organising a festival, is that you get to share your own knowledge with the world, by passing on a message about inspirational and magical people. This is why we are partnering up with inspiring brands like Vickie Vibe Creactive Wear, who’s creating beautiful yoga clothing, which can be used for all indoor and outdoor activities. We asked Vickie Vibe how their journey of yoga clothing began:

“It started from our shared passion toward practicing yoga. All the three co-founders; Som, Gop and Pat are practicing yoga together and have a wonderful time, always. Practicing yoga brought all of us closer to our body, mind and spirit. Every movement in yoga is meaningful, breathing in and out with peaceful energy, activated our creativity. We wanted to inspire others to feel the liveliness and joy in practicing yoga. The active and powerful energy brought the three of us together and we hope to pass on the positive vibes and inspire others along the high performance and unique design of our active wears.”

Vickie Vibe Collection

Beyond the sky and into the galaxy

In the first edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival, all yoga instructors received a beautiful active wear outfit from Vickie Vibe. These colourful and beautiful patterns were easy to spot, when the yoga instructors were teaching classes. What we truly love about Vickie Vibe is the colourful and inspiring patterns, that lights up any yoga class or other activity.

“Every collection that has been launched is with its own character. The first collection is inspired by the sky and nature, including the design of “Into Galaxy”, “Dreamy Sky” and “Venus Butterfly”. It started from our yoga practice on the beach in the south of Thailand, where we finished the routine, sat by the beach during the sunset and experienced all the colors changing in the sky from yellow, to pink, to deep red and to starry night of twinkle little stars all over the sky. This collection reflected all possible colors we saw over the sky and we went beyond the sky into the galaxy and fly all the way to Venus!”

“We believe that when you let your imagination run free, there is no limit to what you can picture. And that work the same for yoga and other active movement of your body. When you are free from the limitation in your mind, your body can move and reach its full potential of flexibility.”

Vickie Vibe - First Collection - Inspired by sky and nature

Limitless potential in your every move

What’s really great about Vickie Vibe CreActice wear is that the outfits are made for all types of activities. It’s not only yoga classes, that this sportswear is suited for, but also swimming activities and high level sports. This is why we love to wear this active wear! We are definitely not limited by the clothes we are wearing.

“As the key concept of the brand is to inspire others with the mindset of limitless potential in your every move, the design and selection of fabric is specially done with care. To us, it is no longer just a yoga wear. When you know your body well enough, you will allow yourself to explore more and get into other kind of active moment and sports. Therefore, each collection of Vickie Vibe is produced with high quality for maximum performance of the fabric to support and be suitable for the type of active movement you are doing from high impact move to swimming in the ocean.”

There are 2 types of performance fabric;

”The high compression series help to absorb the impact from activities like running, exercising in the gym, cross fit and even swimming - where is lower impact, however, with dry-fast quality of the fabric, the legging is lighter and not absorb the water at the same time protect your legs from UV ray. While the comfort and support series are more flexible and allow all day wearing from studio to street.”

Vickie Vibe - New collection - Inspired by Thai Cuisine

Get your Vickie Vibe outfit at SFYF

Vickie Vibe were a sponsor at the first edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival, and for the second edition, the brand will be present at the Sunset Market, where different stalls will be set up. Among others, you will be able to get your new Vickie Vibe outfit, and this is what you can expect to find at the Vickie Vibe stall:

”We will be showing both types of fabric and definitely the new collection that is inspired by “Thai cuisine”. The designs are including well known Thai dishes like Som Tum (Papaya Salad), Tom Yum (Thai Spicy Soup) and Mango Sticky Rice. We still keep the brand’s core character of liveliness in the design, which came across every collection. Every angle of the legging is projecting different details of the design without repeating.” 

”We decided to go for Thai Food as a proud Thai designer, we want to communicate what we like to eat and how can you have fun with food that is not only on the plate. It will also be the first time to launch this collection to the public on Gili Air Island! We are very excited!” 

In connection to one of Slow Food & Yoga Festival’s main focus areas - sustainability - Vickie Vibe is also focusing on sustainable production in the creation of their clothing: 

“The production process is focusing on maximizing the usage of fabric. We use the left-over fabric to produce headband and other hair accessories as well. We focus our material sourcing from local suppliers from fabric maker and printers to sewers.”

"Apart from the production, every year, we take part and support sustainable focused events like Wonder Fruits Festival in Thailand and this year we choose to be a part of this sustainable focused event of Slow Food & Yoga Festival.” 

We are very happy to have Vickie Vibe on board the second edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival. Show up at the Sunset Market in Gili Air to buy your new outfit and to meet other inspiring Eco Warriors and find sustainable products. It’s on Gili Air from October 17th-20th, 2019.

Vickie Vibe CreActive Wear

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