Slow Food & Yoga Festival - Let’s do it again!

It was Thursday June 20, 2019, and the tiny paradise island named Gili Air, was quiet and peaceful as always. However, this morning was different from all the other mornings on the island. At this time, several international yoga instructors, speakers, celebrity chefs, eco-warriors and other inspiring people were on their way to Gili Air. And for what reason? To attend the first edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival!

As the festival started, several yoga classes took place throughout the day - beginning with a Sunrise Yoga Session at the East coast of Gili Air while looking towards the beautiful silhouette of Lombok and Mount Rinjani. The classes were full from day one, and a lot of excited yoga enthusiasts joined the events all over the island.

Many international yoga instructors from all over the world joined our festival to do yoga classes on different spots around the island. We were very thankful to all the inspiring teachers who came to the island to help us make the first edition of the festival magical! It was wonderful to see that many people show up at the different yoga classes with different and inspiring teachers.


Edition II - Can it get even better?

We are very excited that so many inspiring and talented people have agreed to being a part of our next edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival. Taking place on Gili Air, October 17th-20th, 2019, the second edition will have even more yoga to attend and even more food to taste and explore!
We have yoga instructors from the last edition returning to the island to attend again, and we have new instructors joining for the first time; One of them being Sheryl Sharaswhaty.


Originally from Bogor in East Java, Indonesia, Sheryl moved to Bali in 2012. Shortly after that, she started practising yoga in Ubud, and during this process, she rediscovered the meditation and mantras her Indian grandfather taught her, when she was young.

Since then, her practice has continued to evolve. She spent two years learning Iyengar yoga, and later completed several trainings - including the One Song TT with Denise Payne & Bex Tyler, FlyHighYoga TT, Acro Yoga TT , Thai Massage training and SOHA TT with Carlos Romero and Daniella Garza.

As Sheryl’s experience grew, she started assisting teachers in yoga trainings too, and has been teaching both private and group yoga classes in Ubud and elsewhere since 2015.


Meet Sheryl on Gili Air, October 2019!

Sheryl will join the second edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival. Sheryl particularly loves acro yoga, vinyasa and thai massage. She loves to connect with people, and she continues to value the space that yoga creates to be present, sit still with herself, and dive deep into mind and breath.

Soon, the program of Slow Food & Yoga Festival II will be launched, and you can see what yoga classes Sheryl will host during her days in Gili Air. Until then, you can read more about the upcoming edition here.


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