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On the 17th of October, the second edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival will take place on Gili Air. It will be four magical days of yoga, nutrition workshops, sustainability talks and food events, and we are very happy to welcome visitors from all over the world on our tiny island of barefoot luxury. One of the venues where among others yoga classes and talks will take place, is Captain Coconuts Gili Air. We met with Belinda, Owner & Founder of Captain Coconuts, to ask her a few questions about this beautiful accommodation, which is owned by her and her husband:

“Captain Coconuts was inspired by my time backpacking around South America and Europe. We wanted to create a unique space where solo travelers could feel safe and connected with the surrounding environment and other guests. This concept of connection is present from the communal tables in the cafe, the shared Bamboo Lodge and the central hub of the pool and decking area. We dream of opening a Captain Coconuts Dive and Captain Coconuts Surf, but who knows, the future is full of possibilities."

Belinda are her husband Resa traveled extensively throughout Indonesia before landing in Gili Air. They knew instantly that Gili Air was where they were meant to be. They decided to stay on the island together with their two beautiful kids and build up Captain Coconuts:

“There’s something about the laid-back vibe and community feeling. We thought it would be a great place for kids to grow up. I love that I can ride my bike anywhere and it’s safe for the kids; no cars, no motorbikes, no worries.”


Appreciating the slower pace of life

Belinda came to Gili Air after living in Bondi Beach and working in the corporate sector for ten years. She really appreciates the slower pace of life here on Gili Air. Belinda believes that stress is a major cause of disease - so if you can reduce your stress, you’re on your way to living your best life.

“At Captain Coconuts our plant based menu is all cooked fresh to order, which I think you’ll find throughout the whole island - so if your food takes a little longer, don’t stress; you’re on holidays, sit back, relax and enjoy the view.”


And that is exactly why we love visiting Captain Coconuts and trying out their delicious menu. This beautiful palm tree heaven is definitely a must-visit when in Gili Air - and their pool is always ready for a swim on a warm sunny day (which is every day in Gili Air!). But what’s even more magical about Captain Coconuts is that the accommodation is fully sustainable and in touch with the values we have at Slow Food and Yoga Festival. Belinda and Resa’s place is powered by a solar panel system, and you will see no use of single-use plastic at Captain Coconuts:

“Our plan was always to make Captain Coconuts fully sustainable. It took two years of hard work before we could invest our profits back into our solar panel system and now we can proudly say that we are almost completely powered by Mother Nature. We also have a bio septic system and a ‘no-plastic-policy’ in our cafe to reduce stress on the island.”

“We provide complimentary water gallons in our private rooms so guests can refill their reusable bottles. If all hotels could adopt this policy, it would greatly reduce single use plastic consumption on the island. Throughout our architecture, we have tried to use recycled materials - as you can see by the beautifully restored antique doors on our private rooms, which were reclaimed from old Javanese houses. They make every room unique and connect us to our cultural heritage.”

”Our little boutique Coco Boho sells a range of ethically made, botanical dyed linen fashion and Indonesian handicrafts to support the local community.”


If you are participating in Slow Food & Yoga Festival in October 2019, you will definitely make your way by Captain Coconuts. From 17th-20th October, many yoga sessions and inspirational workshops will take place at their beautiful location. Among others, you can experience Acro Yoga sessions with Shannon Nendick and Jack Hamilton, and can listen to Colleen Schell talk about Slow Intimacy and Connection. Other than that, you can meet Griet, a digital nomad, who will share her tips on Workplace Wellness and how to become a digital nomad.

“We are honored to be a part of the festival and hope that it will shine a spotlight on Gili Air as a destination for conscious travelers who care about making the world a better place.”

You can download the full program of Slow Food & Yoga Festival here.

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