A movement journey of Jack Hamilton

We are getting closer and closer to October, and we are so excited for the many talented and inspiring people, who’s agreeing and applying to join the second edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival in October 2019. One of them is Jack Hamilton, who will be a part of the AcroYoga-duo with Shannon Nendick, and who will teach Contact Improvisation classes/workshops during the festival days. Jack has been practicing AcroYoga for the past 4 years, but his commitment to movement started way before that:

“My movement journey really took off as a teenager, when I took up swing dancing (aka LindyHop) while taking dance classes at school. I quickly fell in love with the dance and found classes outside of school. Eventually I was dancing 6-7 nights a week and failing school!”

”I dropped out of school and got a job full time to support my dance habits. Through this Swing community, I got involved with a Burlesque troupe and performed with them for a few years before moving from Perth to Melbourne.”

”In Melbourne I took a break from the big energy of performing and discovered the quiet and introspective practice of the Feldenkrais Method, a somatic body awareness technique. This segwayed nicely into my discovery of the dance form Contact Improvisation, which I developed a deep and profound love for and have been practicing for the past 7 years.”


An obsession of AcroYoga

The movement practice have impacted Jack’s life dramatically, and he explains this practice as who he is, and what he has to offer. We are very excited that Jack chooses to offer himself and his practice at Slow Food & Yoga Festival. Using his body in different ways has been a passion for many years for Jack, but around 4 years ago, another obsession entered his life: 

“Around 4 years ago, while travelling through Israel attending a Contact Improv. Festival, I became acquainted with AcroYoga and quickly became obsessed! The past 4 years, Acro has been my main focus and passion, and it has challenged my body and my interpersonal skills in so many ways.”

“My bouquet of movement practices have dramatically impacted my life and been the foremost lens through which I see this world and my body in it. It influences my choices on a daily basis in how I communicate and interact with those around me, the relationships I form and the choices I make. Movement is who I am and what I have to offer. My body is my instrument of love and change.”

Jack is inspired by those who dedicate themselves to their practices. Be it movement, art, music or other. People that don’t allow complacency or apathy to inhibit their creative potential and that take on the challenge of living their life authentically, even if it puts them on the fringe of society. He began teaching at an early age with sports, and then dance:

“When I was 16, I was assisting Swing Dancing classes. Then years later in my early 20’s, after practicing Contact Improvisation for several years, I began teaching classes in that form. Early on in my Acro practice, I was fortunate enough to be learning from and training with some really talented flyers in Perth and was able to gain some invaluable experience assisting and teaching with them for their classes.”

”The most rewarding thing about sharing my passion for movement, is bringing people together in a safe environment and facilitating a joyful experience of learning and connecting with themselves and others.”


Joining Slow Food & Yoga Festival Vol. II

Jack is joining Slow Food & Yoga Festival in Gili Air, October 17th-20th. Among others, he will be teaching Contact Improvisation Classes. In these classes, he will introduce the beautiful form of C.I. (Contact Improvisation) and create a fun, safe and accessible environment for people to learn and develop their understanding of the practice, so they can have the tools to dance, connect, improvise and play in contact with other bodies and in their own solo dance as well:

”The skills I will be including in these classes will include pouring and receiving weight, entering and exiting dances. Verbal and Non-verbal communication skills to create a safe and consensual dance experience. Rolling, falling and flying through space and with other bodies.”

These classes will be suitable for absolute beginners and require no previous experience in dance or ‘movement’ - just a willingness to learn and respect one another. There will also be material for those more experienced in the CI form.

Jack will also be hosting AcroYoga classes together with Shannon Nendick, our AcroYoga queen, who recently came to live in Gili Air. The AcroYoga classes will cover the core foundations that make up the AcroYoga practice as well as introducing challenging new pathways, skills and flows. We will adapt the content to the level of class but we hope to teach some challenging flows, washing machines and inversions.
Prerequisites for these classes:

Straddle Throne
Shoulder Stand

" I’m excited about sharing my love of movement, play, connection and contact at Slow Food and Yoga Festival. Co-creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment for people to have fun, learn and connect with each other while challenging themselves in physical and interpersonal ways.”

”I haven’t been to Gili Air yet, but I am so excited to explore this new environment and meet new people. This will be my first time attending Slow Food and Yoga Festival, and I am eager to learn more about what this movement is about and how I can contribute. I try not to have expectations and to focus more on intentions. I intend to bring an open and loving self ready to share my passions and meet new people.”


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