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We have the honour of welcoming Griet Johanna Vandenhouweele - a digital nomad, an inspiring entrepreneur, a girl who followed her dreams, and still does - at Slow Food & Yoga Festival, October 2019. Lucky for us, Griet is making her way back to Indonesia for the second edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival, where she will share her magical story about being a Corporate Wellness Consultant and a Digital Nomad.
Being a digital nomad, Griet is always moving from place to place. Working from her computer, she always finds a new and inspiring spot to connect with people from. We got in touch with Griet online to ask her a few questions about her lifestyle and her presence at Slow Food & Yoga Festival. You can watch Griet’s answers on Youtube when going through this digital interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, and how did you find yourself in indonesia? 

Griet is originally from Belgium. She started backpacking around 10 years ago, and made her way to Bali - but she didn’t fall in love with the island immediately. After she founded her company 5 years ago and wanted to grow internationally, she made her way back to Indonesia, where she completely fell in love with the country and the culture. Since that moment, Griet has been connected to Indonesia. Listen to Griet’s story about herself and Indonesia

You are a digital nomad and have been travelling the world for the past two years - what inspires you on your travels? What is it about this lifestyle that thrives you?

Griet is a digital nomad - meaning that she travels around the world with her computer and works from different spots in different countries. Griet has been a digital nomad for the past 2 years, and she’s inspired by finding new places, where she can explore nutritional cafés, inspirational workshops, and spirituality. Other than that, Griet loves to meet new people. The people she meets along her way, are the ones who make each place amazing. Listen to Griet’s explanation of her Digital Nomad life here

You mentioned that you have been an entrepreneur in ‘waking’ up companies - What does it mean to ‘wake’ up? Please tell us a bit more about this. 

Griet is combining her passion for sports and movement with her passion of being an entrepreneur. Through her job as a Corporate Wellness Consultant, Griet is sharing her knowledge in large organisations around the world. Her wish is to get employees to move more during their daily work, and to inspire them to live a more healthy life. She quickly realised that her job was about ‘awakening people’ - by empowering them to make them become healthier. When doing her job, Griet sees that people start shining more in their daily life, and doing new things. Listen to Griet, when she tells about how she makes people go to work with a smile every day

At Slow Food & Yoga Festival, you will be hosting a talk on “how to create a job in workplace wellness” - What can visitors expect from this workshop? What are you going to bring to the festival?

This workshop will teach you how to create a job in a sector, that doesn’t really exist yet: Corporate Wellness. Like Social Media Managers were questioned 10 years ago, Griet will tell you why Corporate Wellness is the future within every company. Learn how to align yourself with company values and potentially become a nomad working with Corporate Wellness like Griet. See what you can expect of Griet’s workshop at Slow Food & Yoga Festival here

SFYF is created as a tribute to our wonderful Gili Air. You mentioned that Gili Air is one of your favorite places, What is it about this little island that makes it unique?

Gili Air is one of Griet’s favourite places. Actually, her visit at our wonderful little island was only planned to be for about 3 days, but she ended up staying for a full month. What Griet truly loved about Gili Air is that she could flow in her own rhythm. Everyday she ate lovely breakfast, beautiful vegan food, and she felt supported and welcome on the island. Hear what Griet has to tell about her visit at Gili Air

Slow Food & Yoga festival has a high focus on the slow movement, slow living and slow food. What does it mean to you and is it something you incorporate into your life?

For the first 24 years of her life, Griet lived quickly. Her body was a tool working for her, as she was powering through life. One day, she realised that she was burned out. Listen to Griet’s story of how she realised that she had to live slower, and that she had to wake up and practice what she is preaching herself as a Corporate Wellness Consultant: 

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