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Have you heard about The Pineapple House Bali?. This magical place is a true tropical escape located in Canggu. If you are in need of a healing adventure, this is the place to go. All you need to do is to roll out your yoga mat and unwind. Being close to the ocean, you can go for a surf every day, and discover your zen lifestyle. A place for surf and yoga retreats, that will open your heart and your mind - is exactly what the Pineapple house is. We met Lucy Foster-Perkins, Co-Owner of The Pineapple House, who will be present at Slow Food & Yoga Festival to share her magic with visitors.
“I’m Lucy and I’m from the UK. I ended up in Bali after I met Rachel, my (now) soul sister and business partner during a visit here. She was a friend of friends, so I booked to stay with her at The Pineapple House, Bali for 3 nights and I ended up staying for 6 weeks. I then returned to work for The Pineapple House and to teach in a couple of studios in Canggu. After going to Australia and returning to Bali again, Rachel asked me to buy 1/2 of The Pineapple House and I’ve been growing it since.”

Lucy & Rachel - Owners of the Pineapple House Bali

Follow what your heart wants, and not what society wants from you

Lucy is now a Co-Owner of The Pineapple House, where she and Rachel share what they love; surfing, yoga, taking time to connect with like minded people, spending time in nature, and seeing their favourite healers and practitioners in the area.

“We have found that those who are drawn to our retreats have come for a reason and it blows us away every time to watch our guests journey while they’re with us. The main thing that we want to share with our guests is to truly know what self care is, and that they can be free to follow what their heart wants, not what society wants of them.”

”Self-care is not what you do on the outside, it’s how you look after yourself from the inside - emotionally, energetically and hormonally. Self care is not a surface one-stop-event, it takes constant work and constant reminders to have compassion and love for yourself, but the rewards are life changing! When you look after yourself on these subtle levels, then your direction in life shift in exciting and soul-nourishing ways.”

Yoga has taught Lucy how to slow down, and especially her love for Yin Yoga has been important on her journey. Lucy will be present at Slow Food & Yoga Festival in October 2019, where we will teach classes of Yin Yoga.

“I had a tendency to go a million miles an hour and pack as much into my life as possible. This came to an abrupt stop, when I got adrenal fatigue in 2014. Yin Yoga and meditation helped me to see what I was doing with my overall health by constantly being on the go. I’m much better at self monitoring and caring for myself now, and I often remind myself that I am enough, exactly the way I am. I don’t need to “Do More” in order the “Be More.”


Lucy Foster-Perkins - Owner of the Pineapple House Bali

The Art of Slowing Down

It will be Lucy’s first time visiting the lovely island of Gili Air. As she is a surfer, Lucy is always searching for the big waves, which we normally don’t have at Gili Air. But we are very excited to have Lucy on board for the second edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival.
“I’m really looking forward to sharing the wisdom of Yin Yoga and the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I also can’t wait to try out the different workshops. I’m particularly into growing my own food here in Bali and I love dancing (I used to be a professional dancer, so I’m trying to “unlearn” the years of technical training) - so I’m hoping to connect with others, who will be learning and dancing with me!”

Lucy Foster-Perkins - Owner of the Pineapple House Bali

Yoga except everyone

Slow Food & Yoga festival has a high focus on the slow movement, slow living and slow food. Other than teaching Yin Yoga, Lucy will also do a workshop called ‘The Art of Slowing Down’. We asked Lucy what this movement means to her, and if it’s something she’s trying to incorporate into her own life:

”Yes, this is totally my jam and my constant lesson - to slow down! My observation as a yoga teacher is, that most people who come to my class or retreat are on the “rushing” end of the spectrum. Over the last couple of years, I’ve particularly been interested in the effect “always being in a rush” has on our hormones and therefore overall health. This has led me to study more about Ayurveda and 5 elements theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine.”
”The decision (or reaction) to rush and to constantly “Do More”, starts in the mind. My lesson is to notice when my mind gives me a list of a hundred things to do in my day and to know that it’s totally OK, if I don’t do them. I am enough as it is. Sometimes we have full days, and that’s ok, but it’s not sustainable to have a full day EVERY day. Slowing down has allowed me to notice my intuition more closely and to listen to the subtle and beautiful changes around me. When I’m in a rush, I often miss out on the good stuff!”

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