Sacred Water by Mother Jungle

Water is an essential part of life and we all need to respect it. For the Bayan people in the North of Lombok, there is unique thing a about water, and this tribe has a magical relationship with the essential resource. To the Bayan people, water has significant cultural importance and spiritual entity, which comes with certain responsibilities to ensure that it is respected, protected and nurtured.

Bayan, North of Lombok - Documentary: ‘Sacred Water’ - Photo by Danilo Allen

This is just a short resume of the inspiring documentary ‘Sacred Water’ by Mother Jungle, which will be screened at Slow Food & Yoga Festival in Gili Air in June. Mother Jungle creates short videos of traditional stories of the Indigenous Mothers all around Indonesia about their environment and the land around them. Mother Jungle use their filmmaking to showcase to the public and pass along the knowledge to the next generation.

Ibu Anusa, Tsunami Survivor, Simeulue Island, West Aceh. Photo by Danilo Allen

Sharing the Indigenous Mother’s love

Sanne Van Oort is the Founder & Director of Mother Jungle. She empowers Indigenous mothers to preserve knowledge and storytelling traditions for cultural and environmental conservation. Collecting the stories is a cultural effort to conservation that shares the mother’s love and voice in order to improve the understanding around culture, biodiversity and diverse values for the next generation.

The aim of Mother Jungle is to bring attention to the storytelling practices of the Indigenous communities - and to put focus on the rapidly changing society and ongoing developments in the Indonesian culture. Indonesia is considered as one of the most megadiverse countries in terms of biodiversity, but it’s lands are under threat. Therefore, Mother Jungle wishes to pass on the knowledge to the next generation to make them capable of understanding the ecological and cultural situation around their living territory.

Mother Jungle - Photo by David Metcalf

It’s about telling our story

It is the mission of Sanne and Mother Jungle to make stories accessible to the next generation. According to the elders, storytellers are the wisdom people. The way you tell your story, is how we see the world. Only yourself can make sure, that the next generation will know about you and what they will know. Mother Jungle aims to make elder wisdom compelling to the next generation by focusing on Education - Ethics - Earth Mother and Empowerment.

Meaningful, engaging and participative learning with a focus on change towards a fairer society  and better world

Aspire to reflect on a mother’s unconditional love by making sure that the voice of the  indigenous women is heard. 

On every location we’ll be responsible with waste, push for ecoliteracy, source the most  eco-friendly and socially responsible natural materials and services locally. 

Empower female indigenous communities in Indonesia by encouraging them to using their  ancient traditions and increasing their capacities.

Documentary ‘Sacred Water’ by Mother Jungle - Photo by Danilo Allen

Sacred Water

Slow Food & Yoga Festival will take place on Gili Air, June 20-24, and we are proud to welcome anne Van Oort and Mother Jungle for a unique night of movie screening. Focus will be on the newest documentary ‘Sacred Water’ by Mother Jungle, about a local tribe in Northern Lombok with a special bond to water.

The water and the earth are represented in the black colour yarns the women use for weaving. The textiles woven in the Bayan village are inspired with different patterns, motifs and earthy colors and all the motifs have their own unique philosophy. Wearing the woven cloth is important to not forget their customs and culture. The water has traditionally and continuously been used in their ceremonies, to grow medicines, and for cleansing and purification and it represents life and wellness for agriculture, human beings, plants and animals.

Watch the trailer of ‘Sacred Water’ here  See all documentaries of Mother Jungle here Visit the webpage of Mother Jungle here or their Facebook page

Documentary ‘Sacred Water’ by Mother Jungle - Photo by Danilo Allen

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