My movement practice helped me to nurture a loving relationship with my mind and body

Shannon Nendick was living in Gili Meno, where she was teaching yoga, but in June 2019, she made her way to Gili Air to participate in the first edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival. It was there she bumped into the crew of Slow Food & Yoga Festival, and she immediately fell in love with the slow pace of this beautiful island. Shannon has been living in Gili Air ever since, and she is now going to teach at Slow Food & Yoga Festival Edition II, which will take place from October 17th-20th.

“I think the thing that makes Gili Air really unique, is the close community and the proximity to everything. No lengthy car rides stuck in city traffic, no bustling people pushing past to get to their next appointment. As you walk down the road, people greet you with genuine kindness and happiness. It’s so uplifting to see people laughing, playing and joking around. Also the sunrises and sunsets are absolutely awesome!”


Shannon is originally from Australia, where she has been living and teaching yoga. She did her 200 hours yoga teacher training in Sydney in February 2019, but her passion for yoga, and her love for body movement came to her way before that.

“I was inspired to teach because yoga really changed my relationship with myself, and I wanted to share that with others. My movement practice helped me to nurture a loving relationship with my mind and body. Like lots of young girls, I really struggled with body image when I was a teen. I saw my body as something to be embarrassed about or hidden away. I didn't think I was very strong and I was quick to say “no, I can't do that”, out of fear of embarrassment or failure. I placed so many self limiting beliefs on myself at a super young age.”

“Through my various movement practices, yoga, acro yoga, handstands and partner acrobatics, I really challenged myself. I pushed myself to the very limit of what I ever thought I was capable of. I discovered I am an extremely strong and resilient person, and my body is capable of beautiful and amazing things. I believe that movement and expression is innate in every individual, we just need to have the openness to explore our creativity and curiosity.”


Our bodies are designed to move

Shannon become passionate about Acro Yoga about 2 and a half years ago. She still remembers her very first day, where she was intimidated because everyone was upside down doing all these crazy things.Today, Shannon is the one, who is always upside down. Bumping into Shannon on the beach, you will most likely find her standing on her hands or flying high on a base somewhere in the sand. But it took years of practice and dedication for Shannon to reach this point:

“Sometimes all that takes is someone to support you in your first steps through the door. I love being there for people as they realise they are even more capable than they had imagined. Our bodies are designed to move, and we’re curious beings. So let’s move with creativity and curiosity!”

“The first day I tried Acro, I thought it was so far from anything I would be capable of, ever. Despite that, I gave it a go, and I absolutely fell in love! It brought so much laughter, friendship and joy into my life. Through acro yoga, I learnt not only to trust in myself more, but also to put my trust in those around me. It inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and really explore the different ways I can express myself, to get curious about my body, the way it moves and flows.”

”My favourite thing about teaching acro, is seeing people open up, trying new things, and pushing the limits of what they thought was possible for them. That's something I want to share with others - curiosity about their bodies and curiosity about themselves.”


Be patient with yourself; progress and learning takes time

Slow Food & Yoga Festival welcomes visitors from everywhere, and classes are open for both beginners and advanced yogis. During the days of the festival, Acro intermediate classes will take place for those who know how to do advanced acro, and beginners classes will take place as well. But this doesn’t mean that everyone is not welcome to all classes - we do suggest everyone to try out every class that they are interested in, no matter their level. Shannon’s advice for some of the yogis out there, who just started their movement journey, is as follows:

“Be patient with yourself; progress and learning takes time. Say yes to new things and trust in yourself and others. Always warm up your wrists and never eat a big meal before going upside down!”

Shannon is teaching for the first time at Slow Food & Yoga Festival, and we are very excited to have her on board. Shannon will be in charge of Acro Yoga sessions together with Jack Hamilton, and she will teach handstand classes together with Thomas Mangin. 

”I am so excited to be joining the festival as an instructor this time! I look forward to sharing my love of yoga, acro, handstands and movement! I am also really excited to meet new friends and attend workshops and classes myself!”

”The slow movement is something that has always appealed to me. I love the attention it brings to life. Slowing down is not about getting lazy or being complacent, it's about bringing your focused attention to one thing and being fully there and present. When we slow down, we make time for the things that really matter like health, creativity, happiness and connection to the people and places we love.”


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