For me yoga is not just a lifestyle. It is an approach to life

Steffi Gonzalez began practicing yoga at the age of 28 due to lower back pain issues. Little did she know, that the practice was going to change her life. Steffi was working long hours at the office and couldn’t sleep due to the pain in her back - then she was recommended to do yoga. Funny enough, Steffi didn’t like yoga to begin with, as she saw herself as ‘inflexible’. Today, the situation is different. Yoga is not only a practice for lower back pain issues, but it has become a lifestyle to Steffi. It’s a practice, which has changed her life and makes the world a better place:

“ For me yoga is not just a lifestyle. It is an approach to life. It is approaching people, situations and yourself (on and off the mat) with openness and curiosity. It is coming from “Im ready now” and letting go of defaults aligning our minds and bodies to possibilities. Yoga is about connecting and transforming your body and mind while connecting to others and the world. Yoga is an anchor to remind you of what matters. To support you thrive no matter the circumstances. Yoga is a tool for humanity to let go of fear, insecurity, greed, doubt AND to become more truthful, loving, kind and healthy. Yoga helps making this world a better place .”

“I began to practice due to my back condition 8 years ago in 2011. My passion and fascination about yoga arose in India during my travels and one of my trainings. The philosophy, the existential inquiry of “who I am” and “who I want to be during my existence”, the meditation and the idea of being always up to something bigger and higher than ourselves. Yoga is good for everyone beyond religion, culture, gendre, looks. Everyone is suitable. And won’t harm but connects us internally and with one another.”


It’s about being your best self at each stage

Only one year after Steffi started practicing yoga, she founded Your Life Your Playground with the mission of empowering, guiding and encourage others living a more fulfilling and healthier life. “Generating meaningful & positive change leads the way” is one pillars of Your Life Your Playground.

“YLYP (red: Your Life Your Playground) was born with the desire of encouraging others to live in a truthful way. And that is, away from fears or self doubt. The name in itself describes the mission. It is about being in your power, experiment and playing with life. It is about being your best self at each stage. Going for your goals, choosing health, staying fit, creating beliefs that support your vision and mission of who you want to be in this world.”


Steffi is not only committed to the practice of yoga itself - she has also studied Buddhism, Yoga Philosophy and Mindfulness in countries such as India, Thailand and Japan. Mindfulness is a part of her everyday life, and it’s something she practices every day. 

”I practice mindfulness everyday. When I eat. When I pet my dog. When I interact to people. When I do seminars. When I teach. It helps me with clarity and power. And the more I practice the more clear and less reactive I become. Yoga philosophy or Vipasana remind me everyday of what matters. And allow me to transcend the mundane, the judgements or unjustice. It gives me depth and a bigger understanding on what we are here for. I think through the studies it became clear to me that my path is one of “teaching” and sharing with the world."


Yoga makes me accountable for the bigger picture: our world

Steffi has had many remarkable moments during her life and especially in connection to her yoga journey, that she can’t tell us what has been the biggest milestone within her yoga adventure. Yoga is not necessarily unique to Steffi, but it makes her feel accountable and connected. Yoga helps Steffi take responsibility of her feelings, her happiness as well as feeling accountable for how she impacts others:

“ It makes me accountable for the bigger picture: our  world. Simultaneously the asana practice and the meditation are key elements to keep me grounded, centred, strong and inspired. I am more patient - I am more forgiving - I am aligned with possibility and experience more joy, adventure and lightness - I am healthier and feel very good within.”


Yoga has had a huge impacts on Steffi’s life and today it has lead her to Slow Food and Yoga Festival, taking place on Gili Air - June 20-24. Steffi doesn’t have any expectations for the  festival, but she’s hoping to connect with some beautiful and motivated beings. During the days of Slow Food & Yoga Festival, different yoga classes will take places all over Gili Air with inspiring international yoga instructors, one of them being Sharni. The festival is gonna be a yoga immersion bringing people together, who wish to challenge their bodies, their minds and their souls. The aim of the festival is to showcase the best of what Gili Air has to offer, yoga being some of it.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to explore your body and mind. To learn new tools to bring home and live more powerfully, with more purpose and healthier. To make meaningful connections and friendships.”

“My aim to join is to share my latests insights on personal growth and the yogic lifestyle. And I am hoping to make a difference and improve the awareness and quality if life of many. As many as possible, so join me!!!”

Slow Food & Yoga Festival is a charity event, where all proceeds will go to Soraya Foundation . You can buy tickets to the event here.


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