Love at first Hoop

We are happy to introduce you to Shaheen & Shouniez - Husband & Wife - 2 playful Pixies from Cape Town, South Africa - Also known as The Fiery Pixies. Shaheen & Shouniez first met in 2002 through mutual friends, but it was not until 2006, that they decided to spend their lives together.
“Our first exposure to flow arts, fire dancing and circus was in 2007 in Cape Town, watching a girl spin fire poi on the beach to African drumming. Shortly thereafter, Shouniez starting spinning poi. We met and connected with the amazing Flow Arts community back home that laid the foundation, shaped and influenced our journey where we learnt a variety of props including poi, fans, staff and juggling.”
“We began our professional career of fire dancing in Cape Town 2009, performing with the renowned fire dancing company, Fire Tribe. In 2011, we fell in love with the Hoop. It was love at first spin! It rapidly became our main prop and sole focus. We were obsessed, haha! The Hoop has been the catalyst which has lead us to where we are right now.”

During their travels, The Fiery Pixies skills grew and developed. Their movement practice has deepened through learning and exploring contemporary dance, acro balance, theatre and clowning. As flow artists by heart, the two pixies incorporate all these new forms of movement and expression into their current practise to expand and grow their flow. Coming from Africa, Shaheen & Shouniez’ style has always been rhythmic, and dance has always been the forefront of their practice.

“The hoop and circus has taken us on a magical journey, sharing across the globe - both performing and teaching throughout South Africa, Mozambique, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Korea. Being pixies, we love to spend our time in nature. The confines of the city got too much and we decided to fly into the world (with our hoops of course), spreading our love and passion through performing and teaching.”


We want to remind people of the magic that still exists

The two pixies decided to leave everything behind and travel the world while sharing their passion. This came after years of wanting, and dreaming to give up their comfort zone, to experience more adventure and to experience more of what life has to offer. The pixies wanted to see the world! They wanted to challenge the norm and what they had been taught. They wanted to take a risk and give up everything they knew to create their own path and see where and how that journey would unfold.

”In 2013 the confines of the city finally got too much for us and these pixies needed to fly free. We decided to take the leap of faith into the challenge the norm, stretch our comfort zone in search of adventure and freedom. Freedom to focus more on what we were passionate about...freedom to explore what really makes us happy and especially...freedom to play more. We quit our jobs, sold everything we owned to answer our soul's calling; to travel, share our art and make a positive difference in the world.”

”Our main reason and driving force behind us leaving was: Re-awakening our inner child and playfulness. Something that lies in all of us. It affected and inspired us so profoundly, that all we wanted to do was to continue that journey of discovery through play. It made us so genuinely happy and we wanted to share it with everyone. Since then, we have been travelling the globe teaching, performing, learning, playing and sharing our passion for flow arts, movement and circus. We want to remind people of the magic that still exists.”


It has changed our lives

The Fiery Pixies are inspired by the continual growth and the never ending learning that conscious playing has given them. Love and passion is their force, circus, movement and art is their medium, change is their mission!

”It has changed our lives. It brings us happiness. It has taught us about self love and care. It has healed trauma. It has taught us patience and perseverance. It has transcended language and overcome cultural barriers. It allows us to express ourselves and feel free. Our mission is to play and help people to play again. For no other reason than to JUST PLAY…to be completely present. To share our art, spread happiness and inspire everyone through play and discovery…like so many have done for us.”

We don't stop playing because you grow old. We grow old because you stop playing

- George Bernard Shaw


Hoop Dance Workshop

The Fiery Pixies are joining the second edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival in Gili Air, October 2019. They will among others be teaching a hoop dance workshop.

”We'll have fun learning and playing with the fundamentals of hooping and learn a series of tricks, connecting it all into a fluid and flowing dance of self expression. We'll be sharing an exploratory movement workshop using different exercises and games. This workshop is a fun and playful guided movement journey. No experience required - Just an open mind to have fun.”

”We'll be sharing one of our favourite workshops called "Discovering ones inner clown". Forget all you preconceived ideas about "The Clown". There will be no red noses and big shoes, haha. It is a beautiful fun and playful journey of self-discovery. Awakening oneself - ones inner child, finding acceptance and being present in the moment. Using a series of clowning games and theatre exercises, this workshop will challenge us to explore a deeper understanding and bring awareness to our body, emotions, imagination and surroundings. Awakening our inner clown frees us to express our own true self, to get out of our heads and to move consciously into our body and observe our surroundings. A light hearted approach and outlook to incorporate into your daily life.”

Join the Fiery Pixies at Slow Food & Yoga Festival from October 17th-20th, 2019 to have fun and learn more about yourself. To ignite the magic that you already have inside of you!

The Pixies have been to Gili Air many times. Their favourite thing about the island is the abundance of turtles, no motorised vehicles and psychedelic trance music. The people and island community is what makes Gili Air unique. The relaxed way of life and the sense of togetherness.

“We really felt that togetherness and community again after we visited Gili Air shortly after the earthquake last year. Although traumatic and devastating, the community stuck together to move forward and overcome adversity.”

You can read more about the pixies on their Facebook.
Or follow them on instagram @thefierypixies 


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