Reiki sparked a passion and drive within me that I had never felt before

The second edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival is just around the corner, and we are happy to have some many inspiring and talented yoga instructors on board. One of them is Kate Parrott, who’s a yoga teacher at H2O Yoga & Meditation Center on Gili Air, who will be teaching Reiki during the days of Slow Food & Yoga Festival.

Kate is originally from the UK, but she has travelled and lived abroad intermittently over the past 15 years. She has been dipping in and out of various career paths, and she has always been in search of something more.

“Before coming to Indonesia, I was living on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand - it's an incredibly energetic island with so many amazing healers and teachers. I learnt a lot during my time there. However, my lifestyle felt very unstable - I was offering Reiki treatments and teaching Reiki courses from my bungalow, picking up bits and pieces of work here and there, but after while I started to crave a little more structure and change of pace. I had been to visit Gili Air around 4 years ago, remembered liking it a lot, enquired if they had any job opportunities at H2O, and here I am!”


I had been walking around without a soul

Kate’s natural sensitivity for energy began at an early age when she started using hands-on healing to relax her horse and relieve his back pain. However, it was only later on in adult life that Kate reconnected with this inner wisdom through the practice of Reiki.

“A deep devotion to personal growth and transformation led me to train in a broad range of healing practices, yoga and meditation, but it was Reiki that blew me out of the water! I was working at a healing centre in Cambodia around 3 years ago, and my boss at the time offered to teach me”

”The only way I can describe it, is that it felt like I had been walking around without a soul, and finally we had been reunited. It sparked a passion and drive within me that I had never felt before. All I wanted to do was practice Reiki! I later went on to complete my Reiki Master studies in Koh Phangan, and then to learn Shamanic Reiki in Ubud.”


Connect with your innate ability to self-heal

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing practice that uses gentle hand placements either on or above the body to re-balance our subtle energy body, supporting the restoration of physical, mental and spiritual balance. Emotional barriers that limit our capacity to live happy, fulfilling lives are brought to the surface & released, helping to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irregular digestion, and so much more.

“Once the body has been restored to a state of balance, it becomes easier to make healthy lifestyle choices & approach challenges with a renewed sense of ease.”

“During the class, you will learn how Reiki works and be guided through some gentle exercises to help you to connect with your innate ability to self-heal. We will then finish the practice laying down, while I send the group a combination of distance healing and hands-on Reiki.”

Kate will be teaching reiki at H2O Yoga & Meditation Centre at Slow Food & Yoga Festival, October 2019. In daily life, she is a teacher at H2O, and she describes the center as a place that has something for everybody:

“The values I align with most strongly at H2O are the centre's holistic, inclusive nature. Our class program is so varied, there really is something there for everybody, whether you're a complete beginner, less physically able, super experienced yogi, or are simply more interested in meditation and healing.”

"When people are new to yoga they often feel very nervous to make that first step into the studio, but I feel like H2O does an amazing job of breaking down those barriers. It's a real honor help guide people along those first steps towards something that could potentially change their lives.”


Meet Kate during the days of October 17th-20th, 2019, where Slow Food & Yoga Festival will take place on Gili Air. It will be 4 magical days of yoga, reiki, acro yoga, handstand classes, nutrition workshops and sustainability - and much more! There will be something for everybody, and there is no shame of showing up, even though you have never tried yoga before. We welcome everybody at Slow Food & Yoga Festival.
The festival is a charity event, and all proceeds go to Soraya Foundation to create education for the local kids on Gili Air and to make the island greener - as a part of our zero waste journey. Book your ticket here - and download the full festival program here


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