A practice for the soul - an exercise for the mind and body

Fathan Todjon is originally from Depok, a small suburban city just outside of Jakarta. Today, Todjon is based in Bali, where he has been living since 2016, offering his services as resident yoga teacher at Samadi and Serenity, both yoga centers located in Canggu.

Todjon was originally drawn to yoga as a form of a spiritual practice for the soul as well as a mindful exercise for mind and body. Though Todjon’s main practice at the moment is Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin, his practice is always a mix of various disciplines as he studies various styles of yoga and spirituality.

“My career as a yoga teacher began in 2014. Here, I received a full training scholarship from my teacher, Dini Maharani, in Jakarta. I also have a deep interest in bodyworks and I am a registered therapist of Thai Massage under the guidance of Mr. Therdchai Chumphoopong in his school in Chiang Mai.”

Todjon’s classes are often recognized by his students as soulful and fun, as he focuses on sharing yoga and massage as a practice of healing and liberation, to set the inner child within alive again. 

“I’m also a creative worker; I write movie scripts, I draw, and I play music as an ecstatic dance DJ. I believe that yoga has helped me a lot to see things in new and different perspectives and it has transformed me into being a more creative person.”

“I have been sharing my passion and love for yoga in many studios, workshops, and festivals, and I am always excited to share more in a safe and productive environment. Now, I am based in Bali, offering my service as a resident yoga teacher at Samadi and Serenity, both located in Canggu.”

Gili Air feels like home

Todjon began his yoga journey in 2012, where he became a full time yoga teacher after getting a full scholarship for training from his teacher in 2014. His intention was simple: to live a more relaxing life and fully enjoy it. Now, October 2019, Todjon is making his way to Gili Air, where he will be teaching at Slow Food & Yoga Festival:

“I've been to Gili Air back and forth for many years. I was living there for a few months and working as a yoga teacher in some of the yoga- and dive centers. Somehow, I feel that the vibe is calm and resting there. It always makes me feel comfortable, like home. I love the people and the sense of community there. I only have good memories from Gili Air.”

Todjon will be sharing a sunset flow and thai massage classes at Slow Food & Yoga Festival. His practice is always a mix of many different styles; both yoga, and other spiritual practices.

“My practice comes from my understanding of everything that I grew up studying and practicing. So now, I love to present it as a combination and a full experience in my class. You can expect a technical but soulful practice, combined with a spiritual approach - as well as a fun and playful way to engage deeper with the practice.”


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