Cirque Du Soleil Performer, Yogi, Life Coach & Healer - Meet Thomas Mangin at Slow Food & Yoga Festival 

From multiple times National French Champion to performing many years with some of the leaders of the entertainment world such as Cirque Du Soleil and Dragone - Thomas Mangin is what we would like to define as beyond talented! And now, he’s making his way to Gili Air to teach at Slow Food & Yoga Festival, October 2019.

We are extremely excited to have Thomas on board the second edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival, where he among others will teach Partner Stretching and Handstand Intermediate classes.

”I have never been to Gili Air. I am looking forward to meeting the local communities, fresh water and food, honest and authentic relating to everything and everyone. I want to share my passion for physical awareness, strength, flexibility and coordination. I will lead/co-lead workshops embodying breathwork, play, flexibility, partner work, handstand and coordination.”


Started gymnastics at a young age

Thomas has developed his acrobatic skills over many years, as he started gymnastics at a young age. After many years of talented coaching combined with Thomas’ extreme discipline, he became National French Champion several times, which later on let him to pursue his passion of performing.
Thomas has always had a passion of living life at its fullest, and it has let him to a full on commitment to art and movement. Thomas has walked the path of true self mastery, and he continues to evolve through his performing and dedication to his passion, while learning about how to achieve greater fulfillment and meaning.

”I like to learn as much as possible when I am passionate about movement. I taught gymnastics from 17 to 21, I have a bachelor degree as a PE teacher, and lately I started coaching aerials (3 years ago), which allows me to stay connected to my passion.”


Standing ovations almost every single night

Thomas recently certified as a Human Potential Coach from the Bulletproof Training Institute affiliated with the ICF (International Coaching Federation), after studying healing practices such as yoga, nutrition, authentic relating, meditation, breathwork, and postural bodywork.

For many years, Thomas performed on world-class stages with among others Cirque Du Soleil. We asked Thomas what the most rewarding thing about working within Cirque Du Soleil was:

”Standing ovations almost every single night representing the quality of the show. Being a part of that makes me very proud and accomplish as an artist.”

But even though Thomas have performed with some of the leaders of the entertainment world, he is still in an on-going process about finding the real “yumminess” about being alive. Thomas used to let stress and a depressive state of mind affect his work, relationships, and even his health - until he realised that the only one who could make a change to all of this, was himself.

Thomas’ wish is, as he still continues to grow, to help others in accessing their true potential. Thomas is driven by a deep curiosity and aliveness, and he wishes to use his gifts of understanding in the process of helping others living in alignment with their truest, deepest and highest self.


Helping people reclaim their energy

”Do you feel like missing out on LIFE? Do you suffer from being overwhelmed and busy all the time? Do you have negative thoughts or overthinking? Is grief, anxiety, depression, anger or emotional pain preventing you from living the life you want? Do you want to change your life and discover how to make a bigger impact on the world?”

These are the words you will find on Thomas’ webpage, when you enter his coaching page. Thomas is inspired by helping other people to realise that they have the power to make life different at their will. His coaching practice is designed to help you be at peace with your past and to move forward, in the direction that is essential to you, feeling empowered and complete, according to your truest, deepest and highest self.

"My mission is to help people reclaim their energy and remember their infinite potential through Art and Movement. The day that I decided to fully forgive myself for all negativity and darkness that I created in my life, was the day I finally felt truly empowered, in charge of my future, doing what I really wanted to do because I loved it.”


You can learn more about Thomas on his webpage or meet him at Slow Food & Yoga Festival in the days of 17th-20th October, 2019. 

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