Food is medicine

Slow Food & Yoga Festival is a tribute to the Slow Food Movement, which is taking place all
over the world these days. In every corner of the globe, inspiring people are taking the leading
steps towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. One of them is Chef Arif Springs, Jamu
& Rawfood Specialist, who has a passion for food and for showing people how easy it can be to
enjoy a healthy diet, even on a budget.


Chef Arif Spring works with simple and plant-based ingredients which goes hand in hand with Slow Food & Yoga Festival’s focus on lifestyle and sustainability. Therefore, we are happy to have Chef Arif on board the festival. We asked Chef Arif to tell us a bit more about himself:

“My grandmother was a renowned herbal healer and she taught me her recipes, which her
grandmother had taught her. I feel it's my responsibility to keep the tradition alive and hopefully
inspire Indonesian people to return to their healthy diets - more fresh food and jamu."

You don’t need pills and potions

Chef Arif is committed to healthy eating and has philosophies within the area. According to him,
people eat the wrong food, which makes them seek to medicine to fix them, when they feel bad
or ill. Chef Arif wishes to show people, that food can be medicine, and that it’s not necessary to
seek to pills and medicine in order to feel better:

“ People eat the wrong food and then seek medicine to fix them. I'd like to try and guide
people to the understanding that food is medicine - with a better diet. You don't need pills and
potions. ”


I wanted to return to what I really love

Chef Arif is originally from West Java, Indonesia, and learned grassroots ways to heal people through herbs and spices from his family. His passion started from a very young age, and he learned about local medicine herbs since he was a little kid. Today, Chef Arif is based in Ubud and has started his own brand DJAMOEKOE

”I was working in kitchens in Ubud, but really wanted to break out from creating menus that were half healthy creations, but half business decisions. I just felt like a robot after a while and wanted to return to what I really love and do it with freedom. A friend of mine helped me get the business started and it's been a great adventure ever since.”

”Our business is based on heritage traditional ancient wellness wisdom and nature - every
product we make are also based on traditional heritages ancient thats are all the idea behind
our product.”


Attending Slow Food & Yoga Festival

Slow Food & Yoga Festival is taking place on Gili Air, June 20-24, and the aim is to showcase the best of what the island has to offer. The wish is to help the local community rise by bringing focus on eating local, supporting the locals and planting local. The festival is a charity event, and all proceeds go to Soraya Foundation. Sustainability is a huge theme of the festival, and therefore we are proud to have Chef Arif on board. We asked Chef Arif what he wishes to bring to the festival:

“I hope people can learn about the history of Indonesia, healthy eating and maybe also some
new recipes too. I already have a friend in Gili Air, so I know the island, and I like it already. I
can’t wait to return ”

You can buy tickets to the charity festival here.


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