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Yoga isn’t just my passion, it’s my life

We are excited to welcome international yoga instructors from all over the world. During the days of the festival the yoga classes will be free, if you have bought the day-tickets for our event. One of the amazing yoga instructors who is joining the festival is Sharni Quinn, Life Transformation Coach, Yin Yoga Angel, international speaker & author. We asked Sharni to tell us a bit about herself and her passion for yoga:

“Yoga and living the yoga lifestyle has been an integral part of my life for the past 12 years. Yoga isn't just my passion, it's my life! And that includes all aspects of yoga - not just doing a fabulous yoga pose. I'm passionate about sharing the knowledge of how living a simple and calm yogic life can nurture your body, mind and soul and how you can stress less and live more by integrating a yogic lifestyle into your daily life.”

Sharni Quinn - SUP Yoga, Gili Air
Photo credit Jacki Burniquel

Sharni has been practicing yoga for almost 16 years and 12 of them, she has been teaching yoga to other people. She tried her first yoga class and immediately realised how yoga helped her stress levels and that there was more to yoga than just doing the postures; “I’ve been passionate about spreading the love of yoga ever since”. 

Listening to our body is our biggest superpower

The past years there has been a remarkable growth within the yoga culture. Yoga has grown massively in popularity and passionate yogis are stretching around the world. Numbers reveal that more than 300 million people practice yoga worldwide. But why is it that yoga is so special to Sharni and so many other people, who is practicing yoga on a daily basis? 

“Yoga makes me feel more centered, less anxious, calmer, healthier, and more connected to myself. I can hear myself and my body more clearly and I believe that listening to our body, heart & intuition is our biggest superpower!”.

Sharni explains that she is inspired by sharing the love of yoga and being able to offer a nurturing and pampering experience for women. It’s all about seeing the clients smile, their gratitude and listening to how yoga has transformed their lives. But yoga isn’t just about teaching other people to practice. Yoga has had a huge effect on Sharni’s life, and it’s been a supporting element through her ups and downs in life:

“It has been hugely profound! Over the past 12 years, living the yoga lifestyle has been at the core of all my life decisions. The combination of Yoga, Life Coaching and having a spiritual connection has literally been a lifesaver for me. My gentle yoga & meditation practice and having the right mindset, is what got me through my burnout, chronic fatigue and depression two years ago - plus it was my crutch after I got divorced in 2010. So many people said I could have easily gone down the black hole of substance abuse after what I had been through, but it wasn't even a consideration for me. I had my yoga. Now, I focus on living my best life each and every day, and yoga has been an integral part of me creating that.”

Sharni Quinn - Gentle Flow Yoga Teacher
Photo credit Jacki Burniquel

A Festival in Paradise

This is the second time Sharni is facilitating at Slow Food & Yoga Festival, and she will once again give visitors the opportunity to explore her passion and love for yoga. She will gladly open your eyes to how you can bring more lightness, gentleness and calmness into your life and to the world in general. And that is exactly what we aim to do with Slow Food & Yoga Festival. It’s our wish to inspire the people about the world we live in and the culture we have around us.

“I'm sure it's going to be exceptional. I'm just looking forward to a few fun days of connecting with like-minded conscious people who are all passionate about Gili Air, yoga & delicious healthy food!”.

Coming to Gili Air, Sharni will share her love for yoga during her Yin Yoga, SUP Yoga, opening & closening ceremonies - as well as her workshop to inspire you to 'Live Your Best Life'. She has been visiting Gili Air since 2010 and have run many yoga retreats on the island, and now she can’t wait to be back in paradise. 

And paradise is exactly how we would describe our little island. With white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, a tropical underwater wildlife, corals, and palm trees, we have pretty much everything what “paradise” is defined by. Slow Food & Yoga Festival offers the perfect opportunity to combine the inspiring world of yoga and exploring the local culture while enjoying your time in our tropical heaven; “I love Gili Air! I'm so grateful to be part of this conscious festival experience which will be celebrating this gorgeous island”. 

Gili Air Island - Sunset

Join Slow Food & Yoga Festival

Sharni will be back at Gili Air from October 17th-20th when the festival takes place. During the days of the festival local shows and performances, food markets, artisan markets and yoga classes will take place. You can read more about the festival here

Sharni will bring her inspiration for slow living to the island, and we asked her why she thinks visitors should join the festival:

“Everyone needs some time out and what a treat to nurture yourself in paradise! Come for some slow living inspiration, and a pampering yoga treat from me”.

Most classes will take place in Flowers and Fire Yoga Garden, who’s sponsoring Slow Food & Yoga Festival together with Slow Villas Gili Air. You can sign up for the festival here

Instagram: @sharniquinn_yogicoach

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