The Magic Moment of Involvement

”Yoga can transform people. It can help to live with joy, celebration, love and contribution”

Meet Catherine Foroughi (Catie) – international Yoga Coach, trained Yoga Therapist and volunteer of Slow Food & Yoga Festival. Together with other talented instructors, she will create an inspirational and powerful atmosphere on Gili Air for visitors, locals and expats wanting to experience the inspiring world of yoga in the magical surroundings of Gili Air.

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Catherine Foroughi - Yoga Coach

A Yoga Jurney

To Catie, yoga has been an inspiring journey, which began around 22 years ago, when she attended her first yoga class;

“ Wow, that makes me sound old! But I’ve been teaching and coaching yoga full time for around 11 years now, and before that practice was very much a part of my everyday life ”. 

Before Catie’s full time yoga practice and coaching became reality, she was living a basic everyday lifestyle including career and work. But her yoga passion guided her to switch all of this out with her one true passion and love – Yoga. 
But what is it that makes yoga so special to Catie? She is simply in love with the fact that anyone can join a yoga class and with a good teacher, everyone can feel the benefits –

“ Through yoga I can experience myself and others reaching a joyful connection”.

To Catie, every session, every class, every workshop and every retreat she offers, can be important for anyone involved. That’s what keeps her motivated, inspired and continuously falling in love with the practice of yoga.

Catherine Foroughi - Yoga Coach & Yoga Therapist

Yoga passion

Catie’s yoga passion guides and informs every action of her, and she’s happy that it have lead her to Slow Food & Yoga Festival on Gili Air. This “all-encompassing vision” creates great things, and she sees many benefits in her commitment to yoga – Slow Food & Yoga festival being one of them. Her classes involves dynamic and connective energy and can vary between strengthening, functional training, conditioning mobilisation, healing, relaxing, energizing, inversion, handstand training, various movements, breath work, meditation, partner work and so much more with integration between most of it.

" I love the universality in yoga – it is inclusive!”

Slow Food & Yoga Festival    

Gili Air Local Culture, Slow Food and Yoga Festival is a four-day festival incorporated in to the Gili Bangkit Festival and is intended to be a triumphant opportunity to highlight the indomitable spirit of The Gili Islands and to showcase the best of what Gili Air has to offer. Essentially it is a lifestyle festival, presenting the unique synthesis of local/regional Indonesian culture and newer international offerings 
to be found on Gili Air, but also to promote the island’s extraordinary natural beauty.

The Slow Food & Yoga Festival offers guests the opportunity to get their shoes off, be vehicle-free and learn about the Gilis’ fascinating culture through a sampling of its arts and food without having to sacrifice the pleasures of great yoga and cuisine from acclaimed International and Indonesian chefs. 

Slow Food & Yoga Festival is a chance to step into a magical space outside of the frantic operations of normal life and drop our collective rhythms down a few notches! To that end we hope to attract some great yoga teachers with yoga events at venues around the island. 

“ I look forward to helping you however I can – in your yoga practice, handstand practice, or simply just making you hungry for all the special food offers, which will be  
present at the Festival ”–

Catie will be offering yoga classes during the days of the  festival from June 20-24, which will take place in Gili Air. She has a Complete Freedom-approach and conducts all types of classes and yoga training at some of the world’s naturally beautiful locations – this time being in the wonderful Gili Air;

“ I LOVE Gili Air! – It is such a wonderful and beautiful island. As soon as I leave, I feel compelled to plan a return visit! So I am very happy about coming back!”

Catherine Foroughi - Slow Food & Yoga Festival - Gili Air

Join the festival

If interested in inspirational and local food from Indonesia, learning about culture, exploring the magical world of yoga, or simply just a tropical visit to Indonesia, Slow Food & Yoga Festival will gladly welcome you in the days of June 20 - June 24.

The core team behind Gili Bangkit Festival is a collaboration of local and foreign stakeholders on the Gilis. It includes the current head of the three islands and owner of Biba Beach establishment which will headline one of the food events; Hero, celebrity chef and owner of Warung Sunny, who will head up local events; and Julie the owner of Slow Villas will manage the yoga and night-time food events.

Follow our festival page slowfoodandyoga or keep in the loop on Instagram @slowfoodandyogafestival.

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