Yoga helped me to find my dharma, or life's purpose

Marilu started yoga in 1994, in Peru. She attended the class just to stretch, but this turned into practicing 3 times a week for 3 months. Her real practice, however, started in 2002 when she attended an intensive Iyengar workshop. Since then, Marilu has been deeply committed to her practice of yoga.

“I was doing contemporary dance and ballet, so I was already in touch with my body. But yoga gave me the spiritual part.”

Marilu first started teaching yoga in 2004 in a big gym in Peru, while simultaneously teaching at another studio. In 2009, Marilu began exploring other styles, until she found Ashtanga - and it was love at first sight. In that year, she quit contemporary dance and ballet and dedicated to commit herself fully to yoga and her family. Marilu even continued teaching through her two pregnancies. Her journey then led her to Mysore, India:

”In 2014, I started going to Mysore, India to practice in KPJAYI, with my teacher Sharath Jois. This year in March, I received his blessing to teach the method, as an authorized Teacher”

Today Marily is working at Ashtari Yoga. Being an authorized KPJAYI Teacher based in Lombok, is not something you will see every day. In Indonesia there are no more than 8 authorized KPJAYI teachers - 5 being based in Bali, 2 in Jakarta, and then Marilu in Lombok. Marilu’s position as a yoga teacher is therefore very unique, and we are proud to have her on board again for the second edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival.


We wanted a simple life

Yoga has had a huge impact on Marilu’s life. From struggling with a food problem, yoga turned Marilu into living a healthier lifestyle, listening to her body, changing her food habits, loving herself, and appreciating the small daily details, such as nature, family, and real friends.

”Yoga helped me to find my dharma, or life's purpose. It taught me to be patient and tolerant. Before I began practicing, I struggled with a food problem. It was difficult to deal with that. I was insecure and I was worried about what people were thinking of me. Now, I am happy with who I am, and I have a loving husband and 2 kids. We moved to Indonesia one and a half year ago, because we decided that we needed to change our city life for another - one more in touch with nature and with the ocean. We wanted a simple life. We also surf and we love the ocean and nature.”

Today, Marilu lives in Lombok together with her husband and two kids, to whom she sometimes teaches her knowledge about yoga in a playful way. Marilu always makes sure to spend time with her kids, even when she is busy, as it’s “the best gift you can give to them”.


I love the energy vibes of the Gili Air Community

Marilu and her husband are both coming to teach at the second edition of Slow Food & Yoga Festival, in October 2019. Marilu will teach a led Ashtanga class with Traditional counts as it is taught in the KPJAYI Institute. Together with her husband, she will lead an Ecstatic dance, bringing their Latin vibes to the class - and they will also do a Chanting class with live music.

”We hope more people come to see the amazing vibes that Gili Air have and that the Yoga Community rise up. I love that there are no cars and no fuel contamination. I love the ocean and snorkeling trips to see the turtles. I also love the energy vibes of the Gili Air Community. It is a beautiful place to start a yoga journey with island vibes and friendly people.”

”It is a good opportunity to try different classes with experienced teachers in a beautiful island setting and also to contribute to a good cause. We are all contributing to a cause of Soraya Foundation.”


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